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Things to Know Before Buying Bed Sheets for your Room

Once you go back home after a long and tiring day at your office, what do you wish to do? Lie down on your bed and watch your favorite shows on TV or sit with your better half and do some chit chatting. Is it that while sitting on your bed, you notice your bed sheets? Do you desire them to be comfortable? The bed sheets are supposed to be of good quality along with being comfortable.

Do you know the tips and tricks of getting the best bed sheets? There are some things which have to be kept in mind before you go shopping for bed linen:

Thread Count

Thread count is an estimation of threads used in one square. It’s a common feeling that the higher the thread count, the more comfortable will be the sheets.  However, this is not always true. It could very well be the case that even if a sheet has a higher thread count, it is still not that soft or comfortable. The reason for this is that the manufacturers can easily restyle the sheets by adding silicone softeners. The softeners, however, disappear after washing the sheets. The comfortable sheets have approximately 100% cotton. Some examples are Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton and Polyester. To a layman, thread count can be judged only through the feel of the sheet.

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Your Preference: Percale or Sateen weave?

Preference in regard to the weave of the fabric varies from one person to another. While Percale has plain and dull interlace, it gives a cool feeling when touched. On the other hand, sateen has a soft, lustrous and smooth look. It looks like satin. Before making a final purchase, you may want to touch different fabrics to get a feeling of fabric you would like to buy.

Plain or Prints

Since you know about the basics now, the next thing to decide is between the look of the sheets. It’s a personal choice to be made by an individual. While the plain colored sheets may look chic and classy to some, others may find them too boring and dull. On the other hand, prints look appealing and pleasing to some while others may find them very loud.

Mix and Match with Other Accessories

Mixing and matching or coordination is another important element to be considered. Simply by visualizing the things kept in your room, you will be able to get a fair idea of the colors of the bed sheets you would want to buy for your room. While some like to keep things contrast, others might just like when elements tend to merge with each other. This mix match with other accessories holds vital importance in bringing a happy aura in the room.

Final Words

In short, a day’s long fatigue comes to an end on the bed, therefore, all the elements including mattresses, pillows and sheets need to be comforting and soothing. Out of these elements, bed sheets are one which needs to be good in quality, texture, feel and aesthetic beauty. After you make a purchase of your favorite bed sheets, the only thing that matters is how well they are taken care of by you. If you do not look after them carefully, then even newly bought sheets would look as if they were decades old, while if proper care is taken by you, then the sheets can last for many years to come. You might not want to wash your sheets in hot water as otherwise; the threads of sheets will be breaking fast. Also, it is better to avoid drying sheets in direct sunlight. Keeping these few homecare points in consideration you can provide bed linens with long lasting life and they keep refreshing you with their content and charm.

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