Things to consider while buying curtains

Things to Consider While Buying Curtains

We all know how important curtains are in furnishing a home, but they have to be chosen properly. The color, fabric, length, off shelf or custom-made, everything has to be thought over before proceeding to buy one. Here are some easy tips mentioned for you, which will help you while buying curtains for your place:

Shades and Hues of Curtain Along With the Fabric Used

This is the most important part of buying curtains. You must first decide the shades and hues of the curtains which you need to buy along with the fabric. If the fabrics are very heavy, then they may create problems with folding (heavy curtains do not fold, very easily). On the other hand, too light curtains may not fall properly. It is best to try a big curtain for draping because a small piece will not be able to drape in a proper way. Another thing, which most people ignore while buying curtains is the effect of sunlight on fabrics. It has to be kept in mind that sunlight fades color of fabrics, so if the room where you are going to put curtains has a lot of sunlight coming in, then you can go for lighter shades, rather than buying bright shades. It is suggested by many interior designers that you stick to buying neutral shades, as they will not fade very easily and are also likely to be blended in a room’s decor.

How long is the Curtain and what is the Lining?

Next thing which you must know is how high you wish the curtain to be. You get the idea by having hanging consoles, they should be higher than the window. It gives a better idea of the height of the room. It is suggested that the curtains are hung around 7 inches above the window frame. The curtains can be measured from the top of the window to floor.

The width of the window should be measured by adding four to eight inches on both sides and doubling up the total number to create the fullness in curtains. This way the windows will not be blocked once the curtains are open. In case you are not a morning person and do not like to be welcomed in the wee hours of the morning, then the extra inches which surround the window frame will help in obstructing the morning sunlight.

Store Bought and Custom Window Treatments

There are many benefits of having a custom window treatment, let us see some of the main ones in brief, quickly:

  •   The rise in the Home value

Window treatments like shutters become a permanent attachment in your home.  In case you plan to sell your home, the value of your home will be increased considerably. The window treatments come with a warranty period, which also helps in adding to their value, immensely.

  •    Economical

With summers around the corner, the right kind of window treatments or customized curtains can work wonders for your home. You will be surprised to see the change in your electricity bills because the right kind of curtains helps in saving the electricity bills to a large extent. You can keep the blinds, shades or shutters shut during the time of the day when the sun is bright and shiny.

Also, you will be able to manage the natural light which gets into your home, during day time. So, there won’t be any need to switch on the lights during day time.

Are you able to machine wash them or are they to be dry cleaned?

Check carefully if the material chosen by you is machine wash or do you need to dry clean it only. It will save you your precious time and energy. Also remember that in case you try washing the dry cleaning material at home, you may end up ruining the good material curtains.

Customized Curtains

Do you know that Home Signature offers bespoke customized curtains for every client? Our modified curtains are made with specific sizes so that they can go well with any size of windows.