The Pillow tribe & Vibe

The Pillow Tribe and Vibe

A pillow is not just a part of the upholstery, there is much more to it. A pillow is a comfort zone as well as a health supplement which gives warmth and sound sleep. The pillows have their own tribe and family. They get divided into different categories of users depending on the tastes of the users and the complementary vibes they emit. Some prefer pillows as per their health needs, while others opt for the beautiful ones in regard to the looks. Here are some defined members of the tribe:

  • Feather Pillow

If you are looking for utmost comfortability, tenderness and support then the tribe has feather pillow to offer you. The fluff is much more than just softness. It is full of small and highly curled quality which is as strong as carbon fiber. They are nothing but just nature’s natural spring. The lightweight and insulating factor tend to emit positive vibes and capture more customers. Home Signature offers the best pillow range and you can buy designer cushion cover in India.

  • Down Pillow

Down pillows have their origin from a bird’s fluffy undercoat that is the feathers without quills. If you wish to have the softest, puffiest and gentlest vibes, go for down. They release an ultimate vibe of luxury. But the vibes which attract support must not go for a down pillow. Briefly, if you want to have a softness in pillows but want to cut down on the budget then none other than the down pillows will stand upright in the whole tribe to meet your demands.

  • Memory Foam Pillow

This is the one if you wish to maintain your posture while sleeping and want your pillow to adjust your individual shape which allows your shoulders, neck and head to rest in a natural position. They are also called self-adjust pillows as they keep adjusting their postures according to the shapes and sizes of the users. Memory foam pillows come in an assortment of shapes and sizes and are intended to bounce back to their original shape at different speeds. Home signature gives you an opportunity to Buy Designer Cushion Cover in the Middle East.

  • Micro Bead Pillow

Microbead pillows are made up of many polystyrene beads. They have squishier vibes and offer support, moldability, breathability and to and fro airflow. These are majorly found in “U” shaped travel pillows. These beads are soft and hard at the same time. They are the best to be used in travel pillows. Wanderlust vibes attract these pillows. This makes the journey more comfortable, soothing and memorable.

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  • Buckwheat Pillow

The tribe which has all-natural vibes calls for Buckwheat pillows which are filled with husks from buckwheat seeds. They offer hard support but simultaneously they are moldable. They do not release many positive vibes for tummy sleepers.

  • Neck Pillow

Neck pillows are assembled with a baffle that’s deliberated to upkeep your spine so that your head and neck are positioned appropriately thereby leading to comfortable vibes for a comforting sleep. Home Signature is the stop where you can buy premium bed sheets in Europe and the pillows too.

  • Body Pillow

If your body requires cuddly vibes, the tribe offers 54 inches body pillow which can cuddle you up as you place them between your legs and arms. These are the best suited for women during pregnancy. Their special role is just unmatchable as compared to the whole tribe.

  • Lumbar Pillow

If you wish to ease out your back pain, then the lumbar pillows are the best which offer support to your back when you place them just above the lumbar area. The lower back relaxes naturally through the vibes of these pillows.

  • Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are triangular in shape and good help in various health issues such as acid reflux, varicose veins, pregnancy, etc. These pillows are made of foam, polyester fiberfill or a combination of both.

In a nutshell, we perceive that the pillows are a vital factor in getting a good night’s sleep but you cannot float off to dreamland effortlessly if your head isn’t resting on the best possible pillow. Here comes the role of the whole pillow tribe which can be chosen as per your choice and requirements. Home Signature offers you an extensive range of pillow tribe matching your vibes.