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How to Take Care of the Fancy and Regal Bed Covers?

The eye candy of the master bedroom and the most eye-catching element of the guest room are that serene and neatly spread bed covers. The ode to your classy taste and thoughts lies right there donning your bed and creating a peaceful and calm ambiance. The bed covers and the duvet covers make your house feel like a home if spread well and teamed with the matching or contrasting cushion covers.

The classic or the contemporary styles and patterns of duvet covers available at Home Signature is a wide range to choose from and enough to spoil you for the choices. A perfect anniversary gift, an outlandish birthday present and just the perfect wedding present to your kith and kin, these bedcovers are multi-purpose and sustainable. Made from the finest quality of cotton and thread count, there is no way you can resist buying them to make you feel well-ensconced after a tiring day of work. After all who wants to wake up weary and achy!

Cherish your Investment

Now that you have shelled your hard earned money, you wouldn’t want it to wither away with the inferior quality stuff. Home Signature is a name to reckon with for high-quality fabric and feel. Each piece is accoutered with minimalistic aesthetics which you will cherish for years to go.

However, utmost care should be taken in handling the soft linen with care and love. These fabrics are undoubtedly comparable to a baby’s skin. If we take care that you don’t end up with rashes or itchy skin, you ought to take care that the veritable treasure is handled meticulously.

A few practical washing and drying tips would make the bedcovers retain the novelty in appearance and steer away from wrinkles:

1.    Washing Care

Wash these precious duvets as per instructions on the label. Do not overstuff the machine with too many clothes. Also, make sure the load isn’t too heavy so that the bedcover can be washed thoroughly. Even more, ensure it is rinsed well and minimize the chances of any residual detergent in the bed cover. Use cold or lukewarm water but not very hot water as it will damage the threads and sheen.

2.    Quality of Detergent

Be careful to use a mild detergent or a washing liquid. Read on the contents on the packaging carefully to avoid any bleaching agent or brightener. The detergent could be fragrant but the harshness due to bleaching agents should not be there. It is recommended to add a few drops of fabric softener while rinsing for best results.

Products with fancy advertisements sometimes aren’t as good as they might seem. Check for reviews before investing in your detergents. Lastly, make sure you add just the right quantity of detergent in the wash. Too much of detergent doesn’t mean too clean a bedcover, it only means traumatizing the fabric and harming the quality.

3.    Drying care

Make sure you do not tumble dry at a fast speed. It should be gentle drying and the temperature shouldn’t be very high too. The excessive heat of the machine or the sun will wear out the fabric, thereby, losing its glory. Pick out your bed cover as soon as it dries and do not leave it at the mercy of the dryer for too long.

In most of the cases, if you fold it tightly with the hand press, you wouldn’t even need ironing. However, if you still feel the need to iron it, be gentle and iron at medium heat and never be harsh on the soft fabric.

The more the care, the longer the life of the bedcover will be. With the investment you make, you are likely to cherish it and take care of it so that it lasts longer.

Your Home Reflects Who You Are

Your home reflects your personality and ideology. So each element in the home should exude your unique persona, style and grace whilst retaining functionality at the same time. Let us pledge to wake up happy and chirpy rather than cranky and achy. So investing in these timeless classics that offer comfort along with inviting looks is the smartest move.

From warm, earthy tones to savvy, bright colors, adorn your room giving a classic and contemporary feel at the same time. The New Collection 2019 is designed for elegant clients and lets the mind explore the possibilities of pushing the boundaries of interior designing beyond the domain of furniture.

Spoiled for Choice

Do not complain if you get too spoiled for choices at Home Signature. You will be amazed as to how you can combine contrasting colors and patterns of bed covers with the latest design of throws and quirky cushions and give your home a beautiful makeover. Each piece is elevated to the level of collectibles and can run on for generations a valuable treasure. The moment you step into the house, you’ll feel its home and your drudged nerves are going to thank you for making a wise choice.

It is time to rejuvenate your master bedroom or guest room with new, luxurious bedcovers to render a palatial feel to your home. The all-season, all-weather bedcovers are perfect for gifting too. The stripes, the bold floral patterns, the gingham and subtle hues to electrified hues, all make efforts to give your house an eclectic look.

The Takeaway:

Whether you are looking for sequenced and embroidered scallops or a serene print with graceful hues, Home Signature is definitely your go-to for any kind of bed cover. Whether you want to buy a legacy for your home or gifting to dear one, you will complain about the endless variety of choices. For that Classic Victorian look or the modern, spiced look, the variety of silhouettes and rich textures at Home Signature will suit your temperament and compliment your personality.

Opt for a matching-matching style or pick classy, individuals pieces that complement each other. The well-fitted bed covers make your look home dressy all the time and you will endure the pieces more than you can imagine. Let them be a treasured part of your family history.

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