Safety Tips while Buying Bed sheets and Bedcovers Online

Safety Tips while Buying Bed Sheets and Bed Covers Online

The world of technology is ever evolving and has made shopping only a click of the button away. It is so easy and lucrative to browse various products on your mobile screen, sitting in your plush lounge with a mug of hot coffee beside you. What is even more fun is that you can compare various brands, check out the deals you are expecting and even claim a plethora of coupons and discounts. It is getting easier and even better than strolling aimlessly in a mall, getting stuck in traffic and haggling with the not-so-polite salesmen!

When it comes to comfort and shopping, how can your home, home appliances and even furnishings be away? Yes, big furnishing brands are getting even bigger with their products being available online. The customer has to simply make their thumb walk across various options and the product is ready to be dispatched. What catches instant attention? A serene white bedcover or a solid hue bedcover with stripes cushions? Or is the magenta bedcover with vibrant orange hues that stole your heart away?

The varieties of bed covers that are available are eye candies for sure and you are lured to buy them right away, or maybe you intend to buy them to gift your loved ones on their special day. But BEWARE! You need to be sure of what, when and where you are buying from.

Howsoever, lucrative and easy it might be to buy bedcovers and linen online, you need to make certain checks before clicking ‘buy’. Any random bed cover might spoil the aesthetic look of your bedroom or invoke anger from your loved one if you’ve gifted an inferior one. You have to be sure that the bed cover you buy adds to the elegance and royalty. Before making the purchase of the most precious item of your bedroom (which is actually a mood elevator), you need to ask yourself if it is adding to the comfort of your room? Are the bed covers worth the prices? Is the company meeting the claims they offer? Are they easily washable and simpler to maintain? Is the design and color combination in sync with your bedroom décor?

Keeping a host of factors in mind, we have curated a simple list of points you must bear in mind before purchasing bed sheets or bed covers online:

1. Purpose and Significance

Do you have a specific purpose or is it just a part of impulsive shopping? Regardless of everything, you must make sure that the style, pattern and the color match your bedroom decor. You should ensure that if it is too flamboyant, it could be used occasionally. If it is subtle and sober, it can be used on an everyday basis.

If you are planning to gift, make sure you keep the bedroom décor of the person in mind (of course budget is the prior most consideration). The personality and nature of the person should be reflective in the style and colors of the bed covers.

The nascent brand ‘Home Signature’ caters to a wide variety of options to choose from and satisfies all your purposes and occasions.

2. Size

You should be doubly sure of the size of the bed cover you are purchasing. If it is too large, it wouldn’t spread neatly over the bed. If it is small, it would make the bed and room look disheveled and make you feel uncomfortable.

Read and compare the size of what you have and what you want. Whether you have a king size bed (72inch * 78inch), or a queen size bed (60inch * 78inch) or maybe a single bed (36inch * 72inch), you must seek to see the measurements and dimension of the bed cover before buying online. After all, a mattress playing ‘peek-a-boo” would not be amusing at all!

Home Signature specializes in providing bed covers of all sizes, fits and dimensions.

3. Fabric and Strength

The tensile strength and the quality of fabric play a very important role in making it look elegant and Victorian. Cotton-based bed covers and bed sheets are hands down numero uno winners. Cotton gets maximum votes because of comfort, durability and the breathability of the fabric. Easier to wash and maintain, bed covers based on premium grade cotton are available in varied fabrics. It could be the luxurious Egyptian cotton, the ultra-soft Supima cotton or the unique Hygro quality. These varieties make sure you feel cool in summers and stay warm in freezing winters.

Flannel, plush velvet, smooth satin-based or the rustic jute are few more sought after varieties of fabrics.

4. Designing and Pattern

Once you zero down the fabric and size, the next factor is- looks, looks and looks. The bed cover you opt must enhance the aesthetic look and the beauty of the room. An appealing bed cover adds to the panorama and appeal of the room and is always a mood swinger. So opting for the style that complements your personality makes the most sense.

A floral enigma for a ‘happy-go-lucky’ you or a pristine pastel for a silent and meditative person would be an apt choice. The pattern and the design of the bed cover can create a long-lasting impression and make your day. Checking out the variety at Home Signature will give you an idea as to how different patterns can be chosen for yourself or your loved ones.

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5. Thread Count

Thread count is the indicator of the comfort and strength in the bed sheet or bed cover. Higher the number of threads, higher would be the comfort and coziness in the bed cover. So, consider the ratio of thread count before finally clicking the purchase option.

6. Testimonials and Credibility

Browse through the word of customers who have tried and tested the brand. ‘Straight from the horse’s mouth’ can be a better judge rather than the claims the companies make. Reading the testimonials adds to the credibility and quality of the brand.

The Final Words:

You are an intelligent client. Do not be carried by the claims or looks of the product or the appeal of the website. Choose your product wisely. Home Signature is a tested brand which meets all the criteria and offers the best value for money. You’ll want to buy bed covers that last for a lifetime.