Re-upholstering- Merging with the recent trends?

Re-upholstering- Merging with the Recent Trends?

It is customary that life and lifestyle keep flowing ahead as stagnation breeds decay. Anything that does not go with the flow is bound to become obsolete and useless. Especially in the present era, where media has made the whole world turn into a global village, it becomes mandatory to move with the trend to stay active and refreshed. Coming to the lifestyle- fashion, clothing, accessories are surely a must but something even more important is the place we dwell in because clothes and accessories can be changed sooner than the furniture and upholstery. Moreover, it is more than just a temporary arrangement and it comes in front of our eyes every day, every moment. We start feeling boredom very soon. Here comes the role of re-upholstering. Since furniture is a fixed asset which cannot be changed with the changing trends and market scenario, so to bring a newness to the overall ambience of the home furnishings, soft furnishings can be fiddled with thereby merging with the latest trends. If you want to Buy Luxury Bed Covers in Canada or if you want to Buy Designer Cushion Cover in the Middle East or if you want to Buy Premium Bed sheets in the USA and re-upholster your home then simply resort to Home Signature.

Why re-upholster rather than buying new furniture?

 To save on huge cost

It is neither feasible nor advisable for the common man to keep upgrading with the latest home décor trends by replacing the furniture. So it is the best way to re-upholster your home with the latest trends thereby making a mark and flaunting in your social circle without making any hefty expense.

  • To keep up with environmental consciousness

Reupholstering helps to “go green.” Instead of throwing away the old furniture and replacing with new, you can reduce waste and adopt a more environment-friendly way by adding new upholstery matching the latest trends and giving an old wine in a new and freshly styled bottle.

Holding the sentimental value

The personal attribution or foundation of a piece of furniture can’t be replicated. The sentiments so attached are irreplaceable so it becomes easier to reupholster your furniture as it hits two shots with one arrow- keeping up the sentimental value and upgrading with the upcoming trends. Home Signature gives you a perfect aesthetic feel for the said reason. Moreover, if you want to Buy Designer Cushion Cover in India, you must go for Home Signature.

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Upholstery Trends 2019- A Glimpse!

These soft furnishings like bedcover, bed sheets, throw pillows or cushions are the skins that make the interiors of your home fine-looking and give it a charisma of its own. When harmonized together, this upholstery creates an ambience that is not only pleasing and inviting but also ensures complete comfort at the same time. With the intermingling of society with the flaunting lifestyles, people have become more particular about their home décor. Today’s emerging trends create a superlative mix of comfort and balm to the eyes by adding style and substance to your home. The year 2019 is less of a jazzy type rather this year is all about soft gentle shades that compose the inner self and brings serenity within the rooms. For example- you can simply re-upholster your sofa in basic shades by adding pastel throw pillows on it. Or if you like, you could always inverse the colour combination. Wallpapers, curtains and floor mats are also being accepted in lighter colours more. This year’s upholstery agenda says that in a fast pacing world light colours add vivacity with peace. Floral prints or self-prints are also picking trend. Even throw pillows and cushions are up with fashionable soft shades. Exquisitely coordinated soft furnishings in muted shades augment a room’s character, mood and comforts, compelling you to sink into its sedative zone and stretch out like you are on a luxury holiday!

However, it is rightly said that you must go with the trend but keeping your personals tastes and preferences in mind because ultimately it’s you and your family who has to spend time in that living space. With Home Signature, it is easy to stay au fait without having to spend a fortune. And if you wish to find a trend that truly suits your needs, go nowhere else than Home Signature!