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How to Create that Five-Star Hotel Comfort at Home?

You had a tired, long and weary day at work. What are you craving for at the moment? A plush bed cozily done and a steaming cup of hot coffee! You so wish to be in a grand room of a five-star hotel, relaxing your way in the sumptuous sheets, heavy comforters and manifold pillows snugging you in. This could be possible once in a while during a weekend getaway. But alas! It isn’t possible too often.

Why not create and amp that enigma at home and make your bed as cozy as the best hotel you have ever stayed in? Yes, it is possible and easily achievable to give that grandiose look and comfort to your bed like that of a magnificent hotel.  After all, you are likely to spend more than 300 nights here in a year! And sleep is the best rejuvenating body cycle which keeps you going. Why not make your ‘home’ a synonym for relaxation?

Here is a list of practical and easy tip-offs, curated keeping in mind that you deserve all the comforts of the hotel room after a hard day at work:

1. The Thread Count is the game

Thread count is the measure of softness in a sheet. Higher the thread count, the softer is the sheet. Usually, the Egyptian cotton sheets and other luxury sheets are made with a thread count of 300 or more. While choosing and planning super-luxury bedding, choose the sheets with a higher thread count so that they feel softer and suppler with each wash.

Stay away from the cheap, microfiber variety and stick to heavenly and breathable cotton fabrics.

2. Pastels and Pristine Whites

If you are in a quest for an ideal room and bedding, choose whites and you will never go wrong for three simple reasons. First, white is pristine, pure and the color of peace and harmony. Second, you will feel in an aura of pure bliss. Third, you will be in a clean and spick and span heaven of glory.

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Absolute white is a sign of being chic and clean. You are sure that your bed is absolutely clean and spotless. Ever noticed, all the five-star hotels opt for white premium beddings to give you the ultimate relaxation and luxury?

3. Go for a cotton duvet and a down comforter

If you wish to wake up blissfully in a five-star plush ambience, choose a nice, heavy down-comforter with a breathable cotton duvet cover. Prefer the insert which is 2-inch wider and longer than the duvet cover for the extra-sumptuous results.

(Please ensure you aren’t allergic to a comforter before getting them home.)

4. Oomph with pillows cushioning around

The more the pillows, the merrier it gets. In a five-star hotel, the pillows of all sizes and feathers add to the comfort and give you a wide choice as to which one you prefer.

Even at home, you can add to the visual impact as well as the functionality by adding more pillows at the back. Whether you are reading, using your laptop in bed or simply immersed in the world of books, pillow backs come as handy support and provide comfort to your weary backs.

(Don’t forget to shop the extra-sized pillowcases in case your pillows are of different shapes and sizes. You want no last-minute haggle in making a bed before someone pops in!)

5. Perfect winding up of the day

What helps you sleep or doze off comfortably in a hotel is the right amount of warm lighting hovering over. It simply accentuates the coziness. Add a dash of low wattage, dim red lights in your room and enhance the comfort with the warmth of the light.

A lamp or scone on either side of the bed will be your perfect nook to wind up the day with a book or steaming coffee before finally dozing off.

What more….

Investing in the right kind of mattress, changing the mattress every year to retain the shape and comfort, having a snuggly and fancy bedside rug and sticking to a bedtime turn-down self-service can make you feel heavenly. You will live like a king with energized mind and body post a soulful night’s sleep.

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