Bedding Tips

Handy and Practical Bedding Tips

How to Style your Bed?

What is the most important thing that catches your attention when you enter your room? The first image that clicks your brain is the bed of your master bedroom. At the threshold of the room, you would like to see the swanky displayed bed or a serene bed inviting enough to force you to sit back and relax. The earthy colors or the vibrant hues you choose for the bed make it a signature look for the master bedroom. Be it a small bedroom or a spacious suite style, each nook and corner plays a significant role. Each nook has a story of its own. But the bed is the predominant star cast and it has the most vital role in overall appearance and stature.

The decor of the bed and its vicinity should enhance tranquility and radiate peace. You may prefer using photos in a variety of patterns, honeymoon pictures, family photos and create a gallery of artwork. Using mirrors behind the bed can create optical illusions and make the room appear larger. A small reading shelf by the bedside can be your perfect hideout from the day’s worry. Be careful to use adequate lighting patterns with preferably a day reading light by the bedside. How about a quirky clock by the bedside?

All the above ideas are practical and will enhance the look of the room only if you have bespoke bedcover and linen to adorn the final look. You deserve only the best and we at Home Signature are the top of the line in providing comfort as well as vibrant bed covers and throws. With the beautifully crafted fabrics and the opulent textures, your bed is bound to be a striking focal point and eye-catching for you and the guests.

The unique Home Signature bed covers will make you realize the difference between cozy and cramped, the diversity between chic and chaos, the enmity between being comfortable and waking up cranky. You wish to wake up feeling good as much as you crave to sleep in peace. The element of comfort in both the situations is contingent on the affluence of fabrics and warmth of the colors used in the bedcovers. Believe us, ‘a bed of roses’ awaits you.

Let us enumerate a few of our favorite styles which you can choose from to experience the nirvana and ultimate comfort along with the chic looks. These are some easy and pocket-friendly suggestions which will make your room look a` la mode.

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·       The all-time favorite Classic

The classic-white style will complement your simple and unpretentious decor of the house. A little oomph and richness in the texture are what you will love in the all-white bedcover. The jacquard woven fabric or quilted simpleton is all you need to give your room a classy makeover. This look is little heavy on the care and maintenance part, yet is graceful and cultured and definitely stands the test of times.

It is a pattern that looks refined and dignified all the time of the year. It mellows down the excessive heat in summers and looks grand during winters. Add a thick light hued throw at the foot of the bed and complement the versatility. This look will win your heart irrespective of the color scheme of the room. Soothing and calming your frayed nerves, you’ll love coming back to this classic bed and unwinding each evening!

·       Multi-Hued and Floral

Now, this contemporary look will definitely be a coffee-conversation starter. Welcome to the all-time favorite look of the springs- the multi-colored floral patterns. This is a signature style which will enliven your dull room or refresh your worn-out spirit. You will be rejuvenated when you enter your room and the inviting bed greets you with charming flowers and blooming buds. The pretty patterns and the vibrant colors are all that you need on a ‘grey’ day.

If you love earthy colors, simply team with the orange floral throw or textured yellow cushions. Your spirits are going to thank us for the energetic ambiance. The botanical silhouette prints and the scrolled patterns leave ample room for creativity and with limited pieces, you shall get a new look each time. Just master the art of mix and match. The rich fabrics and the color palette will look resplendent with a serene backdrop.

·       Monochromatic Love Affair

You may seriously be wondering about this one but a monochromatic look stands the contemporary tests and is our most recommended look. This look will go with any kind of background or wallpaper and you will have ample room to play with the furniture and upholstery. Add a little drama and team it with bright cushions or a traditional royal runner. You’ll surely not regret the unique look and will appreciate the way you can team up just anything without hassle. Surely a winner’s look!

·       Tex-Mex Look

No joke but the fusion is what wins the hearts and minds mostly. Team up a lot of layers to add comfort and coziness to the resting space. Layer the thin linens with the vibrant cushiony-quilted bedcovers. Annex to this a down insert-filled duvet. Add to the royal look a few layers of pillows, cushions and bolsters. And here is the tex-mex medley bed ready just to be snuggled to. Intermingle stripes with checks, mix lighter tone with a darker hue, and add contrasting fusions to create a cozy yet eclectic look.

The Crux:

The collectibles from Home Signature are surely a visual treat and justify ‘less is more’. These make your home perfect and make the gifting game strong. With fabulous designs and striking presence, each piece is a symbol of excellent craftsmanship that you will treasure for years. The plethora of styling options will spoil you for choices and lure you to buy more. The collection is designed for people with a royal taste and elegant mannerism. For a smoother home makeover just adorn your bed with these humble masterpieces and revel in the ecstasy of a magnificent house with sublime interiors.