Cushions A new way to deck up house

Cushions- A New Way to Deck up the House

Imagine a subtle room with pristine furniture and a mantelpiece! What suddenly becomes a conversation starter are the funky, colorful and vibrant cushions. They add life to the simple room and break the monotony of the place so well! The cushions are one of the most underrated décor elements which in reality are the icing on the cake.

You would want to come back to a room or invite your close buddies to a room which is lively and inviting. Let the cushions do the talking and take the center stage.  The outlook and the décor of the room are a reflection of your personality and mood. Let the cushions be quirky, elegant, funky, subtle hued, matching or even contrasting to the furnishings of the room.

The Relevance of Cushions

These are relatively small pieces of furnishings in the room. Yet they add to the drama and enhance the look. Not only this, the cushions add to the comfort level of your living room or the bedroom couches and support the bed back to be comfortable as well.

An eclectic and dramatic look can be given by a floor cushion setting which can be the reading nook of the house. This can be adjacent to your library shelf in the room. What a luxury- comfortable floor cushions, a book and a cup of coffee in hand! This is like a complete dream come true corner of the house.

The most amazing fact is that you may get a plain sofa or bedcover and play with the umpteen varieties of cushion all the way. Merely by changing the covers of cushions, the room gets a new and renovated finish. With a minimum investment, you can redo and refurbish your house. Choose the colors, prints, designs and fabrics; you will go crazy seeing the variations possible with the décor of a basic bed or couch.

If you are expecting sudden guests, just throw around a few cushions in the living room and your house looks welcoming enough to receive the guests. Even if they are a mix and match, they do most of the talking and make your house warm and comfortable to be in.

Right from picking up the furniture and curtains, you spend a considerable time in decorating each nook and corner. Most of the furniture pieces are durable and you wish to retain them for a longer period of time. Cushions add to the designer element and can be changed very often to give a new look. Some people even save the embroidered and mirrored cushion sets for adorning the house during festivals. Happiness is seeing a beautifully decked up house in festivities!

The Unending Variety of Cushions

The cushions can be of all sizes, hues and patterns. The variety ranges from stripes, floral prints, tie and dyes, ethnic worked vibes to the contemporary geometric print cushions. Each print or fabric can make your room look catchy and decked up. How classy is the beige cushion with blue velvet borders or the gingham print matching the plain fuschia bedcover! Solid-hued cushions go well with the basic pristine bedcovers or sofa while the light colored prints add to the fairy-tale look.

Elegant or funky, vintage or modern, the variety is endless to match each one’s style and taste. You have to just pick the right ones to match or contrast with your layout and you can let the room boast its classy look with panache.

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How Many Cushions are Appropriate?

No definite number of cushions is enough or appropriate ever. Depending on the size of the room and your basic styling, any number of cushions can be adorned in a room. Sometimes a single, large floor cushion is all a complete layout, whereas in the other cases as many as ten cushions may be less. It all depends on the basic setting and the element of drama you want to add.

You may liven up a room with all the cushions of a single design and size. You may also make your living room bohemian with all manifold designs and patterns stacked around the room.

How and Where to Choose the Best Cushions From?

Go to a nice furnishing store or better even, sit back and browse online and be spoilt for choices in the cushion covers. Home Signature is the most popular brand dealing with a wide variety of cushions in all colors, sizes and patterns. Add a unique touch of class and elegance with the most soothing fabrics and the different options available at Home Signature. Give your house a facelift without actually changing the furniture. Enjoy the festive dash with the ethereal look of the vibrant cushions.