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A cushion is a very soft bag which has an outer covering and inner filler. The outer covering is basically the fabric which holds the inner material in place. Cushions have been used to support one’s head, back, neck or arms while one is resting on a sofa, chair or bed. It provides relief and rest to the body and immediately imparts a feeling of softness and relaxation to the user.

Traditionally, cushions consisted of any coarse fabric stitched together and filled with waste fabric trimmings and cuttings of any kind sewn together to make a soft and fluffy item to rest one’s head while sleeping, but with the advent of time, like other things, the manufacturing of cushion has also developed into big business and nowadays selection of a cushion has become a mighty affair with the availability of all kinds of fabrics and a wide range of fillers like polyester, cotton, nylon etc.

When such an effort has been put to stitch together a cushion, how can beautifying it be far behind? Here enters cushion covers in the scene. A cushion cover is another bag of fabric stitched together, into which the cushion goes and is readied to adorn the glamorous life space of the populace.

Making a cushion cover has turned a full leaf from being something fancy to be a necessity nowadays. One cannot envision a cushion without a cover. As all things should be, cushion covers are also matched with the other fabrics that adorn the bed, like a bed sheet, duvet, etc. It’s imperative that they match so that the entire beauty of the bed and further of the room can be enhanced.

Home Signature presents a wide variety of cushion covers to suit the basic needs and the flashy wants of your personality. We take extra care to make sure that each cover is a masterpiece in itself.

Cushion covers are broadly classified on the basis of:
 Fabric used
 Colours
 Weaves and designs
 Prints


Based upon ones liking, cushion covers are made of cotton, rayon, polyester, polyamide, silk, leather, jute and other fabrics which are composed of the basic yarns in different proportions. Leather and Faux leather is the in thing and a multitude of designing is being done in these fabrics.


According to one’s needs, cushion covers are available in plain colours and also a plethora of mixed colours which defines the user’s signature style.

Weaves and designs

Fabrics for the covers are mostly woven or circular knitting. Woven fabrics are made on power looms and warp machines and knitted fabrics are made on circular knitting machines. On the knitting or the weaving stage, design can be ingrained in the fabric. This process makes the design an integral part of the fabric only and there is no way that the design can be separated from the fabric which sometimes happens when a fabric is not washed properly or not taken care of. These weaves can be anything the human mind can envision or the machine can process- checks, stripes, zigzags, motifs and what not!!!!


To enhance the beauty of the fabric, prints are often used. They impart a colourful look to an otherwise basic fabric. The choice of prints shows the user’s personal style. Prints showcase the maker’s creativity because the maker has the freehand to work with small numbers, unlike the woven process where a much larger quantity has to be produced for cost-effectiveness. A manufacturer buys basic fabrics, gets it printed according to his style or according to the market trends of the season and then gets the cover stitched.

We at Home Signature ensure that the best of the designs and the fresh and trendy concepts of the season are within your reach when you visit our website. Due to our high focus on quality as well as the beauty of the product, our customers have loved us and made us what we are today, and this never-ending stream of the ruthless pursuit of perfection is what has given us an edge over other options which our customer has. It is only because of this faith that our customers chose us when they want to buy designer cushion covers in India.

A person does not buy a cushion cover just to cover up the cushion; one buys it to express one’s ideas and thoughts out loud to the world. A person who is happy from the inside chooses bright and light colours, with vibrant prints, those who are more mature in their outlook often go for the dull and grey shades. Then there are other sets of customers who are very experimenting with the looks of their household items. They pick up different styles, colours and prints of cushion covers and mix it up just to spice things up. We have often felt that sometimes small things on the bed like pillows, stuffed toys, cushions (of course inside their covers ) can sometimes act as soothers for even adults, who find it comfortable to get in their own bed, with their own cushion. In this way, sometimes one gets usually emotionally attached with their personal cushions too. So, one must ensure that the cushion/cushion covers one is buying is not of low grade but made of high-quality material.

Home Signature takes pride in this very fact that we are able to provide our esteemed customers with choice. Choice of the finest, beautifully crafted covers available as a single entity and also as a set of two, three and more. Some users also adorn their sofa sets with cushions, one for every seat. For this use, we have an assortment of designs and quantity to suit every need or want.

Along with India, we have a presence in the Middle East too where our customers have readily accepted the fashion which we have introduced in our cushion covers and are always in wait of the new variety to hit our website. If you want to buy a designer cushion cover in the Middle East, Home Signature is the place to go to. We understand the dynamics and need of different market places and ensure that our stocks and variety can match the ethnic and trendy requirements of the customers.