Bedroom Welcome to your comfort zone

Bedroom-Welcome to Your Comfort Zone!


Stress Buster…




What is the first impression in your mind as you read these words? It is undoubtedly your bedroom. Goes without saying that you wish to retire in your own cozy space after a long day at work. You so wish to unwind on your bed with a cup of coffee and heartwarming conversation with your partner!

Who would want to be greeted by the unmade bed, messy cupboards, clothes scattered all over or any kind of foul odor? All one wants is a well-lighted, spacious and spick and span room with perhaps sprucely done bed. The bedroom is the most significant room in the house because of the following unmistakable reasons:

Reflection of Your Taste

This cozy niche of yours is a reflection of your personality and taste. The more tastefully the bedroom is done, the more elegant and refined it portrays you. The aura in the room speaks volumes about your nature and temperament.

Sound Sleep and Relaxation

This is the place where you wake up after a sound sleep and are rejuvenated for the day. You wish to sleep in an absolute sober environment and want to doze off cozily. For sound sleep, your bedroom is your heaven. A sound mind resides in a sound body and this is possible if you sleep like a baby. You will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated if you’ve slept well through the night.

Your Comfort Arena

The moment you are home, you wish to retire and snuggle to your room so as to feel at home. The room is the place where you are likely to laze and luxuriate. It is your stress-busting zone, a place where your weary mind can ooze out all that is pent up.

Indispensable Part of the House

You cannot have a house without your bedroom. A house is possible without a lounge, a drawing room or maybe even a dining room. But your bedroom is definitely a place to look forward to and is of prime importance while constructing or planning a house.

Impacts Sale or Purchase of the House

While you plan to sell a house or purchase a new one, the location, size and decor of the master bedroom play a significant role. A tastefully done master bedroom can increase the quoted price of the house in case you wish to sell it. Likewise, when you are seeking a new house, the master bedroom is one of the vital factors affecting the deal.

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With all said and done, you cannot miss having and adorning a room with all the comforts you seek. It’s your solace zone where your thoughts and mind can rest. What makes your room look perfect and dream-like? It’s a neatly and immaculately done bed with a soothing and elegant bedspread. With a plethora of options to choose from, Home Signature is the maestro in spoiling you for choices with its opulent fabrics and luxe colors. You wish to flaunt that palatial house or a simple home; these bedspreads give a royal and elegant makeover to your house and a meaningful facelift to your room. An ideal gifting option, these bedspreads are worth each dime and look more than the actual worth! This brand is committed to selling not just textiles, but lifestyles and comfort.

What else matters when you want that ‘perfect’ bedroom? A list of following factors has been curated to give you an ideal and magnificent bedroom within the stipulated budget:

1.    Color Combination

Earthy or warm colors with a vibrant and eclectic backdrop can make a perfect room. If you are romantic, mild pinkish hues on the wall colors can reflect your nature. Choosing the right color for the bedroom is crucial as it affects your mood and temperament. It is recommended to opt for neutral, warm and pastel colors. Usually, very bright and electric colors are not prescribed as it might hamper the quality of your sleep and rest and agitate your mood too.

2.    Placement of Furniture

The traffic in the room is contingent upon the requirement and it’s recommended not to horde too many furniture pieces (howsoever attractive they are), as it makes the room cluttered and congested. Too much traffic can create and signify confusion and unrest. Keep the room light and spacious and let the fresh energies flow undeterred. After all, you wouldn’t want to stumble over that ‘extra’ designer sofa placed at the middle of the room!

3.    Trick the Eye with Mirrors

Mirrors placed strategically can create an impression of a spacious bedroom. If placed across a window they are bound to reflect ample light giving the image of a well-lighted and enormous room. Make sure you use this accessory to your advantage and create the illusion of a larger room.

4.    Bed and Bedding

The room should have just the right size of bed proportionate to the size of the room. Too big a bed would add to the confusion and congestion to the room. Just the right size as per the requirement is ideal when it comes to choosing a bed. Also, the height of the bed is a matter of concern for many people. It is recommended to choose the mattress which provides comfort and is good for the body in the long run. Buying anything too fancy and pretentious will hamper your body. Rather, survey and contemplate before choosing the ideal bed and mattress.

5.    Natural Light

This is often the most underrated factor, yet the most significant factor that beautifies the room. Not only does it save the exorbitant electricity bills, but it also adds to vibrant moods and the influx of natural light through glass windows makes the room look fresh and chic. Add refreshing and exotic planters around the window and give a natural, mystified ambiance to your bedroom.

The Final Words:

A bedroom is a place where you spend nearly one/third of your life. Strange, yet true! So, the bedroom should ideally be a room of your dreams. Make it as practical and comfortable as possible. Keep it clutter-free and spacious to give you a palatial feel.  ‘Nothing like home’ can be justified if you have a cozy and welcoming bedroom. With a pleasant and soothing ambiance, let your room be a place where you look forward to being in.