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“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, so rightly said by John Keats. This applies well to the ambiance of your bedroom too which is the most needed place after a day’s long hectic schedule. When it comes to a relaxing time, it reminds of the bed and its overlying accessories. Now let’s say, you procured a superlative mattress suiting your comforting needs. You hand-picked the most lavish sheets as per your pocket allowance. You bought the most supreme pillows your head would ever have imagined to sleep on. What more could be needed to complete a hushed sleep experience? Simply just nothing but the sleep itself. But don’t forget to keep in mind the aesthetic beauty of the other bed articles which still needs to be worked out. One of them being the Bed Spreads or Bed Covers. This is pertinent to give a final touch to the bed. These bed covers have to be chosen very specifically depending on the requirements or desires. This is where Homesignature.in fits in. We are the foremost source when you are looking to buy luxury bed covers in Canada and when you wish to buy luxury bed covers in Middle-East. Following are a few choices of the types of bed covers:

Bottom Sheet

Many people do not make full-fledged beddings due to lack of time, effort, energy, finances etc. They use only one type of sheet to cover the mattress. This sheet is called the bottom sheet. It is the same sheet which you sleep on. In the day time, this sheet takes the form of a bed cover itself as there is no second layer spread over it during the day. This is also known as a fitted sheet because at many places people prefer to buy these sheets with elastic on all four sides. This enables the user to quickly neat up the bed after getting up in the morning thereby making it a day time bed cover. These days it has become a little difficult to buy the fitted sheet due to an increase in bed sizes or fabrication of designer beds. It is imperative to check the mattress size before you buy a fitted bed sheet. Home signature.in provides just the right kind of options for you to just drool on.

The top sheet or flat sheet

This type of sheet is not very commonly used. Still, it is a type of bed cover. This sheet is actually isolation between you and your quilt or comforter. It separates you from the blanket you take, and it is more common in North America. People in Europe and other continents tend to avoid it. In fact, even in the countries where it was used earlier duvets are taking its place. The idea behind Homesignature.in is to provide you with the best of choices available. You can buy luxury bed covers in Canada and can buy luxury bed covers in Middle-East.


It is another form of the bed cover. It has its major importance during summer season. People generally do not prefer it in winters due to the fact that it gives a cool and soothing feel most applicable for summers. It is like a regular bedspread without any skirt attached to it. This type of cover is very light in weight and it spreads to half of the total height of the bed. It is normally made up of two-three strips of thick fabric. Home signature.in is ideally the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking to buy luxury bed covers in Middle-East.

Regular bedspreads

These types of bed covers, as the name suggests, are very regular in look and style. Unlike coverlet, they are thinner. They extend to the feet of the bed in height for fuller coverage. As such, they also do not need a skirt. Being thin, they are not advisable for winter or fall season. Moreover, they are tumbling in choice nowadays.

Duvet covers

A duvet is a thin form of comforter with pure feather fill or even down options of fills. These duvets are required to be covered. And such duvet covers serve the purpose of bed covers as well. These duvet covers are generally buttoned or zipped after putting the duvet inside. During extremely hot days, these can be used as bedspreads even without inserting a duvet. Laundry is also not a big task for these bed covers. These covers come in a variety of fabrics, colours and patterns. Silken ones are the dearer ones. These can be changed time and again
to give a dynamic look to the room.


A comforter is a thicker form of the duvet with a major difference that a duvet has a removable skin but a comforter has a fixed filling. The feather or down filling is put in two lengths and stitched from all four sides to bring it to shape. It is the most commonly used bed luxury in North America and Canada. It generally comes in packages with bed skirts and shams. Some comforters are to be washed while others are to be dry-cleaned depending on the type of fabric used. They also come in a variety of styles, colours, patterns, designs and combinations. Whatever the need be, HomeSignature.in has the answers for you.


The quilt is a bed cover that everyone should possess, at least one. It holds sentimental value as it has stood the test of time and has been the most favourite bed cover for the masses. It has always been considered as a luxury bed cover in East-Asia. The best part about the quilt is its folksy nature. It is a patchwork of some peculiar fabric designs, all sewed together onto a layer of batting and backing fabric– occasionally the same patchwork makes it reversible too. It is sometimes made of cotton sheet spreads and at other instances flannel sheets.

Chenille Bedspread

Last but not least, you may have witnessed this bedspread on your
grandparent’s bed or your mom’s memory trunk in the attic or on the beds of true heritage lovers. It was a bed cover in an original sense made with big handlooms, all handcrafted during the early 20th century. Its name got its origination from French. It is a beautifully crafted bed drape with intricate designs leaving an ambiguous texture, like a caterpillar and hence was it named. They were more made for single beds or divans giving a totally vintage look to the room.

In short, the moment you enter your room at night you see a rectangular surface that you lay on every night and it makes you believe that it’s way more than just a mattress. It is a conglomeration of quite a lot of elements that must be nominated with care according to your distinctive needs. Home Signature takes the responsibility to be your guide wherein you can buy luxury bed covers in Canada as well as you can buy luxury bed covers in Middle-East thereby playing a role in getting you the restorative night’s sleep. When it comes to how you top up your bed, it might be with a quilt, comforter, bedspread or duvet. We at Home Signature assure to give a final touch of aesthetic feel thereby toting your comfort. Enjoy!